John Q irritated – die siebenköpfige Brass Band aus Nürnberg


“Seven Up!” babble the heinous seven as they spike their swampy mud loaded Delta-Blues with the hysteric hyperventilating rampage of forgotten Rock´n´Roll pioneers. Into the last rows splashes the brew of the uninhibited A-Go-Go mentality and the orgasmic Second Line Groove of unshackled weightless and brainless Boogaloo. But suddenly: The ballad. So unconstrained, so detached – the disinhibition of rhythms and sounds melts to death down into the flow. Fanatic fanfares above pulsating quick sand, trashy soul cannonades out of unrevealed internal infinity. And from it all, the punk of overcome generations speaks, raises majestically it’s middle finger as an everlasting pennant of a free mind’s rebellion. “John Q irritated” interconnect the sacred genre etiquettes with the respect of tomb raiders, don’t care a damn about trend and tradition and laugh at the guardians of sound pantheons with a jolly “cry man!” Did somebody forgot to close the garage?

Samstag, 10. Juni 2006. Strassenjazz und Kneipenjazz (Bühne am Markt)